Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Extreme Mountain Uni-Cycling

Bikes are awesome as a clean and healthy way to get around, no question about it. But they're also a great source of entertainment, as these extreme unicyclists prove!

The video is in german, which I can't understand, but the images tell the story. These mountains are quite beautiful! Nice setting to break your bones, I guess...
That guy came this close to such a bad fall 30 seconds into it... Eek.

Here's an interview with a unicyclist with some nice off-road footage and cool urban tricks:

The video quality is terrible in this one, but the uni-cycling is crazy and takes place in all kinds of terrain. Look at that cliff!

54 years old Terry Peterson riding his uni in Simi Valley:
Here's Alexis Blanc doing some freestyle unicycle tricks. It's not in the mountains, but there's some cool stuff. If you like the music, it's by Bonobo.
And finally, for those who can't get enough, here's some unis riding over various rough terrains and ramps. Not always the most visually impressive, but the level of difficulty must still be very high!

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