Thursday, October 4, 2012

5-Year Old Mountain Bike Ride

Sure, cycling is often cited as the most energy-efficient means of transportation and a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to getting around in gas guzzling motor vehicles. But all that goodness aside, bikes offer one more noteworthy bonus: they're a joy to ride.

In case you forgot, just check out this video.

Recently, a very cool 5-year-old named Malcolm, along with his equally cool dad, experienced the first-time thrill of bombing down Hellion bike trail in Highland Park, New Hampshire -- and thanks to a camera mounted to his helmet, we get to tag along for every life-affirming moment.

"I'm doing it! I did it dad!" shouts the pint-sized pedaler as he races down the trail. "I loved it! I loved it, Dad!"

It's hard not to smile following along with Malcolm's first off-road biking expedition, especially with his adorably enthusiastic real-time commentary. And to think, many kids nowadays spend their free time playing video games that could never replicate an exciting outdoor adventure like this.
Thanks for letting us tag along, and happy riding!

Via Reddit

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