Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Montreal Man Who Lived on His Bike

For those of us who imagine living on one's bike year-round to be not very fun, leave it to a Montrealer to show the light-hearted side of such an endeavor. In this short, very much tongue-in-cheek video, French-born artist and copy editor Guillaume Blanchet films himself eating, sleeping, washing clothes, even falling in love while at the handlebars -- for 382 days.

THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.

Dedicated to his 64-year-old father Yves who has biked 74,564 miles and is still going strong, Blanchet writes that:
I love being on a bike. It helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After 382 days spent riding through the streets of Montreal, being sometimes quite cold, sometimes quite hot - and sometimes quite scared, I dedicate this movie to you, Yves Blanchet.
Pedalling through some of Montreal's distinctive neighbourhoods, Blanchet's catchy video goes through the seasons (slugging through snow) and even an encampment (Occupy Montreal?). Throughout it all, Blanchet seems to ride on, hands-free without a care, embracing life as it comes. It's certainly a positive and humourous take on the often mundane act of commuting on a bike, day in, day out.

Please note: any litter made in the making of this film was picked up, says Blanchet. More of Guillaume Blanchet's works on Vimeo.

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