Monday, December 5, 2011

Chicago's First Protected Bike Lane Opened

Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel, has said that he wants to make his city more bike-friendly, and to help with that he has pledge that 100 miles of protected bike lanes would be built during his first term. The first of those is now open to the public, and as far as I can tell, it has been a great success so far! StreetFilms has shot the video below about it. It's great and should be shown to the mayor and urban planners of all cities around North-America.


  1. Protected bike lanes sell bikes - in that sense they're 'bike friendly'. Unfortunately they have been shown to kill cyclists twice as fast as a standard road, because they make cyclists appear seemingly out of nowhere at intersections.

    I wish government would get out of the 'bike friendly' business and into the business of being 'cyclist friendly'. With friends like whoever designed and approved this 'protected bike lane' concept, who needs enemies?

  2. @Beery:

    Protected bike lanes are widely used throughout the Netherlands, which has the highest modal share for bikes of any developed country, and has the lowest levels of traffic accidents.

    So, are the Dutch different to Americans?

    What is it that gives the Dutch the lowest levels of traffic accidents, if it is not the physical design of their cycling infrastructure?

    Try some evidence-based arguing, rather than anti-bike lane trolling.