Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harvard Study: “Pedaling in traffic 28% more likely to hurt you than sticking to a bike lane"

The Daily posted an article on a recently announced study by the Harvard School of Public Health noting what we already see in Europe;  separated bike lanes increase ridership and reduce accidents. The full study can be found here. Since I know how much trouble it is to go to other links, I have attached the whole report below. Just click on the pages to enlarge them. Really good stuff.

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  1. The Daily headline is just wrong. The study found that crashes were 28 PERCENT lower, not 28 TIMES lower. Big difference. But if you look at the study, you see that 3 cycle tracks were safer than nearby roads, and 3 were not. Why is that? No explanation was offered. Also, their Table 2 shows that some cycle tracks have a dramatically lower crash rate than others. Why is that? Again, no explanation. There is no accounting for differences in motor traffic volumes or speeds in the different segments. Also, are the EMR data really capturing all injuries? Again, a question not pursued.