Monday, December 20, 2010

Bike/Ped Culture is Thriving in the Steel City

This video by StreetFilms gives an excellent overview of Pittsburgh's bike culture and infrastructure. Having only visited there several years ago, and because Pittsburgh isn't as well covered by the national media, I had no idea that it was so vibrant and healthy. It's a nice surprise! Make sure to check out Bike Pittsburgh (become a member, or at least say "hello" on the message board). Pittsburgh has a growing movement for better bicycling and more livable streets. Among the cool things you’ll see…
  • A newly renovated and pedestrianized Market Square, where two cross streets were eliminated to create a better place for people. The experts at Project for Public Spaces helped consult on the project.
  • A morning commuter breakfast with the folks at Bike Pittsburgh, where they got to talk to cyclists about what they like about their city, and what could use some improvement.
  • An unusual bike parking facility that uses retro-fitted shipping containers and is operated by a public-private partnership. For just $100 you can safely park your bike indoors for a year.
  • The Over the Bar Cafe — a unique bicycle-themed restaurant serving great food and drink, and a frequent meeting place for rides and advocacy events. The walls are filled with cycling memorabilia and adorned with murals.


  1. That is great, it is so great when cycling is really valued and encouraged - it can really help the character of a town.

  2. Great!

    I wish some of that spirit would come to local canadian cycling.


  3. I wish this kind of bike culture and spirit would spread everywhere. It baffles me when I see tons of bikers riding in bitter cold and steep terrain, and we have a struggling time to get people to ride in the tropics and flat ground here in Florida. I feel that it is only a matter of time, change in attitudes, and priorities before bicycles are a mainstream part of people's lives.

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